February 06, 2006


Well, my intention to post on Thursday failed, as did my attempt to do so on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so I've resolved to do so right now during my lunch break!!! haha

The Appt w/ Dr. C....
After carefully scrutinizing my blood sugar logs, Dr. C did some calculations to try to figure out why I am constantly high in the morning, and why my carb/insulin ratio doesn't seem to be working for me at this time of the day. He gave me a lot of "homework" (Side note... as a teacher, I took this to be a lesson in compassion, which I (un?)fortunately remembered the next day as I gave a lighter reading assignment to my kids. ) -Anyway, my homework consists of doing a lot of testing in the morning and a lot of trials with different foods in the morning to determine what my carb/insulin ratio should be in the morning, and to determine if I am really as insulin resistant in the morning as my numbers show. I think Dr. C. thinks I'm not calcuating my carbs correctly, so I'm going to be more mindful about my guesstimating. I guess after 4 years I've gotten lax in many areas - carb counting, obviously - so it's time to reevaluate my guesstimating skills. I think I'm going to invest in a gram scale and hopefully I'll muster the patience to actually use it when I'm preparing a meal for myself.

To be quite honest, the appt. w/ Dr. C went well, but I felt like I had been punched in the stomach when I left. I was ready to blame everything/one else but me for the poor control I"ve been having in the morning and to have Dr. C. question what I"ve been doing for the past four years was a bit hard to swallow (Note to self - lesson number 2 - you are NOT the goddess of guesstimating - get over it!!!). I was definitely too sensitive about the entire situation - I can see that now - and I realize that he made an excellent point.

So far my testing has shown that my insulin sensitivity in the morning is better when I eat a very low-fat breakfast (yogurt, unbuttered toast) than if I eat one with some fat (yogut, toast w/ 1 tbsp pb). I wouldn't think fat would make that much of a difference, especially since it's "healthy" fat, but perhaps my body can't really handle fat in the morning. It certainly wouldn't hurt me to go without pb or butter.... *sigh*...

Dr. C is all for the pump, but he wants me to do more testing in the meantime so that I know exactly what my carb/insulin ratio should be for each meal. I"m also going to do more basal testing to get a better picture of how much insulin I need throughout the day. It's so weird - I used to skip meals all the time (in my other life...) and not think a thing of it; now, when I need to skip meals, I feel like I"m being cruelly denied air - or gum (see January post)!!! How ironic...

I'll try to do better about updating the blog this week. I really appreciate everyone's feedback and I love reading other blogs - there are so many talented writers!! Who knew diabetes could make for such interesting reading???


Blogger Keith said...

I admire you for all the record keeping you are doing. I think it would help me tighten my control if I would take up this habit.

I too have trouble guestimating correctly, it helps that I eat alot of the same foods. Although tonight I went to a social event and basically did a guess bolus. I'll have to check in a minute and see how close I came. Not good, but I don't do this very often either.

BTW, you've been tagged!

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