July 13, 2006

A potpourri of Thoughts

Warning: This is going to be a very disjointed post. I'll try for some continuity of thought, but I can't promise anything.

I'm going to blame it on the hot VA weather, or, perhaps, the summer vacation mode my brain has been in since the last day of school...

1. PUMPING - I'm still loving my pump, especially around exercise times when I can disconnect and then set a temporary basal rate afterwards or before or both, if I need to. Granted, I still have times where I run low after working out, but usually that's my own fault for taking too much insulin at a previous meal and not factoring in that I would be exercising and wouldn't need as much insulin on board.

I got burned by this last night at the gym, grrr, but still managed to get a good workout in after guzzling some Vitamin Water (which I had never tried before, but really enjoyed!) and taking a rest in the locker room. Of course, this gym was filled with workout-aholics who could be cover models for "Under Armour" or some other spandexy company. I want to pelt glucose tablets at these people, but I doubt they'd feel a thing... it'd probably just "Ping" off of them. I guess I shouldn't knock gym rats: I workout daily but all it seems to do for me is to help me to maintain my weight - haven't lost more than a few socks and hair bands the whole time I've been going to the gym (4+ years).

2. AM I TOO NICE? - LOTS of drama lately between my family and my fiance. They think he's stubborn and insensitive to my feelings, and he thinks they are too protective of me and that they are trying to run my life, even though I'm 24 years old and engaged.... Me? I just want everyone to get along and to like each other. I think I'm asking too much. It's like both groups want me to be on their side on every issue, and I'm too diplomatic to make waves, so I tend to just sit and listen when my parents are questioning my fiance's treatment of me or when my fiance berates my parents for being overprotective and still treating me like their "little girl". I feel like I'm involved in a big tug of war, and it's causing a lot of problems in my relationship with my fiance. I realize that I need to stand up for him to my family, but I think I'm struggling to see myself as anything but their little girl. Yes, I'm engaged and I can't wait to get married and begin my life with my fiance, but I'm still clinging onto being a daughter. I know I'll always be their daughter, but that role is going to change a lot once I'm a wife and then a mother (down the road, folks, god willing...!) Any words of wisdom from others who've been down this road??? Just so this one isn't entirely void of diabetes related issues, this constant stress wreaks havoc on my blood sugar for two primary reasons - (1) my nerves are frazzled, so I run high no matter what and (2) I want to eat everything in site and do a lot of SWAG bolusing, but I rarely get it right and end up high and feeling bloated - just downright miserable!

3. BASAL TESTING - this is almost becoming a bad word for me. I keep telling myself that tomorrow I'll test my morning basals, tomorrow I'll skip lunch, tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow... until tomorrow turns into never!!! Ugh!!!! I NEED to buckle down and do these tests! What is my deal????

4. HOT WEATHER AND THE PUMP - The other day it was about 100 degrees in my car, and it takes a little while before the A/C kicks in a cools things down. Am I harming my insulin by not having my pump and tubing in a Frio pouch in situations like that? Also, the other night I went to the golf course to walk along as my fiance hit 9 holes, and it was in the mid 80's the whole time. Of course, I didn't put my pump in the Frio thingee because I didn't think it was that hot, but by the time I was done, there were bubbles in my reservoir.... looked a little questionable.... Did I do some damage there? Pumpers, how do you handle the summer temps???

5. BLOGGING - Once I start a blog entry, I remember why I like it so much.... I should just start a new entry each day, regardless if I have anything to write about, because I can usually crank out enough in ramblings to make a decent size post... not that you enjoy my ramblings.... but anyway...

6. PEANUTS - My newfound enemy. I can't seem to get past lunchtime without devouring a bowl of peanuts. Right now honey roasted are my worst enemy - they're devilishly sweet AND salty; pretty much a little piece of heaven in a can. Of course, eating copious amounts of peanuts negates all the calories I burn at the gym each day. Grr... DAMN YOU PLANTERS!!!

Speaking of which, time to head to the gym to try (desperately) to burn off all the peanuts I ate yesterday.... what a viscous cycle...


Blogger Kelsey said...

Here's my advice on the relationship issues... try to sit back and listen to each person's complaints objectively. The thing with relationships is we get so emotionally involved, that we might not see something that is clearly there.

Is your fiance treating you well? Are your parents holding on too tight? Try to distance yourself from the emotions and see what's really there, then you can do something about the stress that's affecting you and your blood sugars! Good luck :)

12:08 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

Hey... wow, there has been a lot on your mind, huh? No, that's a good thing- I enjoy your postings :).

As for the family issue- I think parents do just want the best for us, they don't want to see their "baby" get hurt. I think Kelsey gave great advice to you... and I hope you will try peaceful resolution to this issue.

I had to laugh a little when I read what you said about basal testing... I have yet to finish all my tests, but honestly I kind of gave up. I did several tests and I never felt like I wasn't getting anywhere- so I gave up. Maybe not the smartest thing to do, but that's the choice I made. Hopefully, you'll have a little more patience and will have some positive results b/c you followed through on these tests :)

On a happy note, I'm so glad that you are enjoying the pump~ hopefully, that will only continue!

Thanks for the update... and please continue to keep us posted :)

3:04 PM  
Blogger Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Lala!

Since Kelsey touched on the relationship thing - and I'm a guy, I'm just going to tiptoe around that one. :-)

Basal testing is a pain in the ass because you have to try to eliminate as many variables as possible. In a normal life, this is much easier said than done.

I live in the Midwest (Minneapolis, MN), and our summers do get hot and muggy, but I never do anything special with my pump. I don't know - I guess I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you're spending a day at the beach or something like that. Even then, I'm not sure I'd do much more than put the pump under a towel or something to keep it out of the sun. Can't say this is professional advice or anything, just what I would do. YMMV.

Mmmmm - honey roasted peanuts...

3:32 PM  
Blogger Kelsey said...

Speaking of honey roasted peanuts (a favorite of mine as well)... I recently found this recipe from Rachael Ray, that involved breading chicken breasts with a fixture of bread crumbs and ground up honey roasted peanuts! It's delicious! I'll have to post the recipe on my blog when I grab it from home. It's actually pretty diabetic friendly!

6:06 PM  
Blogger julia said...

I never do anything with O's pump either. If we're at the beach, or this week, when she's untethered, I put it in a Frio pouch, but generally I just test her a lot more frequently and get pretty religious about doing a site/cartridge change every other day.

7:51 PM  

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