March 01, 2006

Rollercoaster blood sugars

The past two weeks have been beyond stressful for me, and it definitely reflects in my blood sugars the past two days. Take yesterday, for example:

5:00 AM - 51 (ate 2 glucose tabs)
6:00 AM - 143 (ate breakfast)
10:00 AM - 250 - didn't bolus correction dose because of earlier low... stupid... stupid.. .stupid!
11:45 - 230 (ate lunch, correction bolus of 2 units)
hour of pilates
5:30 PM - 295 (dinnertime... WTF!!!)
9:00 - 96 (sugar free popsicle)

(Side note - I realize that the highs and lows today could be attributed to the low waking blood sugar, but this day pretty much mirrors the past week during the stress...)

6:00 AM - 122 (ate breakfast)
8:00 AM - 86 (felt funny... ate a piece of candy)
9:00 AM - 136
10:00 AM - 122

Go figure... Today it seems the drama has settled down, so I guess that too is reflected in my blood sugars.

My doctor reminds me at each appointment that I need to learn how to handle my stress better because it obviously has an effect on my blood sugar. I realize this. I know he's right. And yet when I'm stressed out, the last thing I can seem to do is stay rational and disciplined about my diabetes management.

Oh, I've tried writing in a journal, venting to my fiance, exercising... I've tried finding that happy place.... (which, unfortunately, is never the place where I am currently in the midst of my stressful situation... hmm??)

I have piles upon piles of uplifting, motivating, sunshine-glitter-and-rainbows-make-me-happy quotes that I do read and think about during these times, and I feel the stress lessen to a degree, but I think ultimately my body physically reacts when I"m stressed, and I think my body hangs onto this feeling until the stress is resolved enough that I"m not thinking about it on asubconsciouss level... [ if you're thinking to yourself right now, "wow - what b.s.!!!", I don't blame you... I just re-read that and I think that too...]

At any rate - does anyone have the golden ticket to not letting stress effect blood sugar??? If you do, I'd be very open to hearing it. Even if it does include sunshine... and glitter... and rainbows... :)