March 14, 2006

13 shades of pissed off

As you may know, I've been waiting (im)patiently for my insulin pump and have been playing phone tag with the nurses at Dr. C's office. The last time I called, they said I needed to send more blood sugar logs so that Dr. C would have more info to send to the insurance company. I called today, just to see if I was any closer to getting my pump, and the nurse calls me back and says that Dr. C wants to work with my on my carb counting because my number consistency is off and he feels it would be too dangerous to start me now. Alright, so he wants to work with me. I can accept that. However, could someone have called me, maybe emailed me back after I emailed blood sugar logs for weeks in a row, sent me a letter - SOMETHING - to let me know that it would be a while before I got my freaking pump? And what's making me even more upset is the fact that my last appt. was Feb 1st and my next appt isn't until April 19th.... MORE WAITING

So really, it seems like I've been carb counting wrong - I suppose - for 4 years, and so what does another month or so matter???? I just don't understand how I'm carb counting wrong... I weigh my fruit and other things that aren't labeled with the FDA nutrition label, and I keep a fairly regular routine of the # of carbs I eat each day at each meal... so what gives???

I know - I'm being unreasonable and impatient and testy. {Note: I just checked, and my blood sugar is not low, so I'm just feeling naturally bitchy right now I guess!} I know that I'll be better off when I start the pump if I've worked on things beforehand with Dr. C. I know this is for the best, but why does it seem like the worst news in the world today??? Why does it feel like such a freaking let down? Ugh...

Has anyone else had to go through a long ordeal to get a pump?


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