April 20, 2006

I Meme - Because it's easier to write this than to write an entry about all the *&^$ I've been through in the past two weeks....

I AM: scared about my future: as a diabetic, as a teacher, as a future wife, mother, etc...

I WANT: peanut butter ice cream that has no effect on blood sugars or weight AND a cure for diabetes

I WISH: that I could speak my mind without the constant fear that I might upset someone or that someone might not be happy with me.

I HATE: when people ask me if I can take a pill for my diabetes. No - I take shots and if you had to do it to stay alive and healthy, you could and would. Grr..

I MISS: my grandfather and my carefree childhood

I FEAR: becoming depressed again, losing someone I love, and failing... at anything...

I HEAR: the air conditioner spewing out tepid air

I WONDER: how much diabetes effects my moods, emotions, and feelings

I REGRET: not realizing how important it is to stand up for myself until yesterday.

I AM NOT: loud but I surround myself with loud people - go figure!

I DANCE: wretchedly! Even after a few rum and diet cokes, it's a sorry sight.

I SING: when I'm happy

I CRY: when I'm hurt, sad, frustrated, happy, confused....

I AM NOT ALWAYS: as caring as people think I am. I feel downright selfish most days.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Dinner for my fiance and my family

I WRITE: lesson plans, worksheets, poetry, emails

I CONFUSE: being kind with being honest

I NEED: to be more proactive in all areas of my life

I SHOULD: eat a light, easy to count dinner tonight due to my crazy blood sugars (post stress high Blood sugars)

I START: daydreaming about what my life will be like as a wife and as a mom

I FINISH: everything on my plate... hence my stubborn pounds that seem to have permanently settled on my hips, thighs, and butt.

I TAG: anyone who wants to play along!


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