June 27, 2006

The problems with assuming

I don't think it's a coincidence that assuming begins with a-s-s. Especially when I end up low after working out.

I started the morning at an ok 147. I took the suggested bolus (thanks to my Bolus Wizard) and didn't set a temp basal prior to my workout because I tend to be insulin resistant in the morning and tend to spike after breakfast regardless of what I eat.

So I didn't check before working out. I figured since I was working out an hour after breakfast, I should be okay.

(Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!)

About 30 minutes into my workout I'm feeling "funny" but I plod on another 15 minutes because, in my head, doing 45 minutes is WAY better than 30 minutes of exercise. Obviously when I'm running low, what little common sense I have rapidly vanishes.

So, after 45 minutes of exercise I came back to my fiance's apartment and checked



So, what have I learned (again) from this experience? Always check. Even if I think I know what my blood sugar is, better safe than being cold and sweaty midway through a workout.

In case you didn't catch it, I feel like a pretty big idiot.


June 16, 2006

The Highs and Lows of Pumping... a newbie's perspective

Wow - long time, no posts.... If anyone has actually been checking my blog, I apologize! I've definitely had the time (school ended on the 7th) and the material (pumper hysteria) but not the ambition. I guess once I become less busy I also become less driven to do much of anything. So, I've basically been a waste of space the past week and a half!!

I've been on the pump almost three weeks now, and I have already reaped some benefits and shed tears (but no pounds) over my shortcomings as a pumper. I figured I'd list the highs and lows, since I (randomly) named my blog the HiLo Log... :)

The Highs:
1. Bolus Wizard - further proof that techie's out there do understand the struggles of the mathematically challenged. I heart whoever invented the Bolus Wizard. It has seriously proven to me that I suck at calculating my insulin needs using carb/insulin ratios. I really foul up anytime I try to guess the amt. on my own.
2. Temp Basal - so far I've used in pre, during, and post workouts so that I don't have to eat to compensate for the insulin in my system. I often disconnect, too, which is also sweet. The temp basal also comes in handy during a low; I definitely have eaten less to dig myself out of a low because I know I can back off the basal for a while until I feel "normal" again. It seems to work for me, as far as I can tell!
3. Less Sticking - The first few days it felt so wrong not to give myself shots 4+ times a day, but after a week, I hardly remembered that I used to give that many shots a day. I think I have selective memories because I also quickly forgot what it was like not to be diabetic after I became diabetic.... further proof I'm pretty freaking weird.
4. Correction Factors and IOB - Along with being horrible at calculating how much insulin I'll need to cover food, I'm also poor at calculating correction factors and Insulin on Board. Luckily, my darling pump does these calculations for me and, once again, saves my sorry ass from being mathematically deficient.

The Lows:
1. Gaining a Tail: yes, my rear end is getting larger, but the tail I'm referring to here in the pump. Every damn time i go to the bathroom at night, it seems to become detached from me (somehow?) and knocks me in the knees a couple times before I wise up and attach it again.
The best place I've found to attach it at night is between my boobs on my sports bra, but I do worry about the insulin getting too warm being so close to my body. Any suggestions/feedback on this?
2. Highs due to???? Could it be that I didn't count my carbs right? Is my insulin bad? Is my site bad? Is my pump working? Is my tubing okay? Did I reconnect after my shower? Was the hub turned so that the arrow and the | lined up? (true story - totally missed a lunch bolus due to the hub being not on the mark. We ate at IHOP so I was REALLY regretting those delicious home fries as I stayed cemented in the 350's for 4 hours that afternoon). I've become super paranoid (if that's at all possible for me) about whether or not I'm getting insulin. Every high I get freaks me out. I guess this is something that I'll get more comfortable with over time, but every high over 250 makes me feel like I'm destined for DKA any moment. I know, I need to stop hitting the pessimism button everytime something bad happens with my diabetes....
3. Easy bolus. Tonight is a perfect example of why it's bad to have an easy bolus button. One more fudgesicle? Don't mind if I do! Beep beep beep beep..... (five minutes later) Two more Dove chocolates (but isn't chocolate *good* for you)?? Sure thing! beep beep beep..... (two hours after dinner) celery with peanut butter?? I thought you'd never ask.... You get the picture. I've been on an eating frenzy tonight. I don't know what my problem is, but I'm almost ready to duct tape my mouth so that I can stop the conveyor belt of food I seem to be shoveling in at random tonight. Ugh...
4. Dressing. Some clothes just aren't pump friendly. I read Kerri's (aka MacGyver Morrone) tale with the black dress and I could definitely sympathize. I think she's a freaking genius for rigging a contraption on the fly like that. I may consult her around my wedding time next year when I'll need an expert - and a roll or two of duct tape - to help me place my pump in a convenient location underneath 40+ pounds cloth. Seriously, though, even today wearing shorts I felt like it was protruding about 5 feet from my side. I guess some days I'm more aware of it than others, though, because some days I forget it's there. Today must have been a clumbsy day because I seemed to bang it into everything.

I really appreciate everyone's feedback with the bubbles in the tubing episode. I think leaving my insulin (the currently being used bottle) at room temp will help with this, as will the experience I'll gain through more and more set changes. I've only done 3 at most in one day so far so hopefully that's my limit, but I definitely won't hold my breath on that one. When I panic, I panic big time, so it's hard to say how many sets i'll rip out in a full blown frenzy!

At any rate, if anybody wants to consider this meme worthy, please post a list of your highs and lows of pumping (or not pumping) in your blog (and let me know about it!). Sharing is loving, so love me lots, okay? :)

June 06, 2006

I've gotta play along..... My Panagram

I had to sneak in a pic of my most favorite Hallmark character, Maxine, who adorns my mousepad, coffee mug, calendar, and, unfortunately, my attitude some days. :)

My handwriting may be hard to read in the pic, but rest assured, even if it was a good pic, my writing would be quite sloppy. By this time in the school year, I've given up on neat and settled for legible. I wish my students would do the same!!! After grading about 150 final exams (with hand written essay responses), I was ready to begin teaching handwriting for an entire marking period next year, just for the sake of my sanity! Oh well.... (cue one of the best songs in the world...) "School's Out for the Summer..." That's right! Tomorrow is the last day of school!!! Yipeee!!!!!! (cue breakdancing in middle of classroom.... of course, after the students leave.... ;) )

June 02, 2006

What WILL they think of next?

I've seen the websites for the pump pouches, coming in various shapes, sizes, colors, etc.

I've surfed the net looking for garters so that I can hook my pump around my thigh when I wear dresses.

I've ordered a FRIO pack to keep my pump cool this summer when I'm (as my students say) "chilling" by the pool with my "peeps" (actually, the only peep is going to be my fiance, and he doesn't count. )

However, today I stumbled onto something that really rocked my world.


Did I miss the proverbial boat on this one??? I've never heard of these round wonders before!!!!

Here's my speal:
Ever get tired on looking at the white tape infusion set? Do you find yourself desiring a more stylish look for your pumping portal? Well... you're in luck!

With a tagline of "Stick it to me baby," the Groovy Patches company offers such a variety of patches that you're sure to find one that twirls your toes.

Checkout the site (checkout the website too, while you're at it - har har ;)

Hopefully this rocks your world too :)

Happy Friday.

June 01, 2006

First Site Change

Well, I did my first site change this morning - very nerve racking - and I was 300 one hour after breakfast.... grr....

I looked at my tubing and I had a 1 inch air bubble near my pump, so maybe that caused the high??? Maybe there were too many bubbles in my resevoir??


I took a correction bolus via a syringe, so here's hoping that it works.....

Any suggestions on how to make site changes smoothly??? I'm TOTALLY stressing right now!